Visiting Bruce Peninsula on a rainy weekend

It was early June after an unnatural long winter, when the temperature started to rise in Toronto and when it started to feel warmer that we decided to visit Bruce Peninsula. Not only was it cooler up North (about 4 hours from Toronto), but it also happened to rain that weekend.

What to do if it rains on Bruce Peninsula

  1. Hang out in Tobermory, a nice small town on Bruce Peninsula, where you can find the start point of the Bruce Trail
  2. Park your car in front of the harbor. Sit and watch the boats rocking back and forth in the wind, visitors walking by under their umbrellas, and dogs left behind barking in the car
  3. Have fish & chips, clam chowder, and beaver tails
  4. Visit the gift shop and check out the Gem stones
  5. Go to the supermarket and pick up extra newspapers in case you need to start a fire in the rain @ your camp site later
  6. Go to visitor’s center @ Tobermory and watch a short film about the Peninsula

What to do if the rain stops

  1. Walk up the Tower @ the visitor center close to the Tobermory and get a 360 view of the Peninsula
  2. Enter and hike the trail close to the visitor center. It’s a soft and beautiful trial with lots colors
  3. Take the ferry to the nearby islands, i.e., Flowerpot, and Cove Island. For more info, check out:
  4. Rent a kayake or canoe @ Tobermory
  5. Scuba Dive

Where to camp

I camped at the Popalars camp site @ Cyprus Lake in Bruce Peninsula National Park, about 10km from Tobermory. Site 42 and 45 are quite nice and private.

The Cyprus campsite is close to many hiking trials, Bruce Trail, Horselake Trail Georgian Bay Trail, where you can see very blue water, rocky white beaches and climb the Grotto.

To book a campsite, go to Park Canada:

What to see on the Highway to Tobermory

  1. Antique stores
  2. Yard sales
  3. A batman car, worth possibly over 100 thousand dollars on eBay, if you’re lucky

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